Thursday, October 29, 2009

Royal Caribbean Cruise Details

Adriana and Gus will be sharing their honeymoon with friends and family aboard the Voyagers of the Seas

Sail Date December 12, 2010

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The Day she said "Yes"

One Friday afternoon after a long day at work for the both of us, Gus decided to take me out to dinner at The Aquarium Downtown. Its rare that we eat alone without our friends or family but when he said it would only be us, I kinda thought he had something us his sleeve. We arrived at the restaurant on that rainy evening and we were seated with no wait. Lucky us! We ordered our food and talked about everything that had been going on with us. Toward the end of the main course the thought of anything special happening had left my mind but to my surprise that's when we handed me a small beautiful box. I then asked him what this was. He stared into my eyes and he then asked me to be his wife. My eyes teared up and oh course I said yes. I then opened the box to fine the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.